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Why Reflecting Runes?

Transformation Through Writing

We are reflected in our writing and our writing is a reflection of us. As wielders of the mighty pen, we have the power to sculpt and transform words.

Music Mondays

Music transforms us, empowers us, and relates to aspects of our own lives. When we come to understand a musical work, we receive the message and grasp the creator's intention. That is pure enjoyment.

Wandering Wednesdays

Diversity and The Mainstream Culture

Like nomads, we travel freely, moving unconsciously, turning idly, discovering the world in front of us. Packing empathy and tolerance, we become culture wanderers, meandering between societies. Are we all that different?

FAQ Fridays

My Writing Life

People often ask me questions about my writing projects, and what I’m currently working on. I’m very “hush, hush” about it all. So I'm going to ask, "What would you like to know about me and my writing life?" The answers to your questions will be revealed on a Friday of each month.

Traveling, Exploring, & Writing

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I haven’t been entirely dormant these past few months, however, this blog has. I wanted to share a few quotes about what I’ve been up to.

“Unexplored paths lead to undiscovered treasures.” ― Constance Chuks Friday

In the Limelight: A Double Debut Interview with Adi Rule and Robin Herrera

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BM: Please welcome my friends and VCFA (Vermont College of Fine Arts) colleagues, Adi & Robin! Thank you both for taking the time out of your busy schedules to do this interview.


Adi Rule                                      Robin Herrera

Make Your Writing Resolutions Happen

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7 New Year Reminders for Writers

Write for the joy of writing. 

First drafts are filled with plenty of uncovered gems. 

Expect the unexpected in your writing.

Love being the writer you are and were meant to be.

Writing comes from the heart.

Beethoven's Pathétique Sonata

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"I alter things, eliminate and try again until I am satisfied. Then begins the mental working out of this material in its breadth, its narrowness, its height and depth." — Ludwig Van Beethoven

All music has form: sometimes it's simple, other times it's complex. Form is especially important because it holds the music together. 

A Writer's Many Sacrifices

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Many of us juggle one too many responsibilities, and these daily commitments eventually turn overwhelming. For writers, this becomes a challenge. If they don't step away from their already busy schedules, they risk losing opportunities to create great stories. Often, writers have to make tough sacrifices in order to set aside time for writing.  

As a writer myself, here are a few things I've sacrificed over the years:

1-2-3: Take Action

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When was the last time you read a book? You probably read a few pages here and there, when you were unwinding in bed, while relaxing at the park, waiting in your car, or on your lunch break. We all get busy from time to time, and we end up watching the movie adaptation of books instead. 

July & August Blog Vacation

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Hello summer! I'll be on break in July and August, which means a vacation from the blog, too. Enjoy these warm, relaxing days. :)

Summer Destinations: Four Great Reads

in Summer Reading, Wandering Wednesdays

Summer is only a couple of weeks away which means relaxing with a good book. Here are four stories I'm looking forward to reading in the next couple of months.

To Continue or Not?

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Over the past several years, I've developed a habit of reading like a writer. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

I read every day, but lately, I've had a difficult time finishing novels, even the ones with good reviews. There have been times when I've forced myself to finish a book in the hopes the story would get better. No matter how many times I convince my mind to just read for pleasure, it almost never happens.

Finding books I really like has become a challenge. Perhaps I've become too picky and get easily bored. 


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It has been a few months since I've written a Music Mondays blog post. Today I'm going to introduce a brand new single, Mirrors by Justin Timberlake. When I first heard it, I fell in love with it. Listen to the string accompaniment and mid-tempo pop ballad. The song also encompases layered synths and harmonizing vocals.

So, what do the lyrics mean?

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